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Jamaica's multi-talented genius

Collin 'Demarco' Edwards is dancehall's young multi-talented genius. According to Demarco, he has been drumming beats and rhyming lyrics from in his mother's womb. And, from the moment he entered the world 26 years ago, music has been his burning passion.

The cool, laid-back, yet debonair persona of this young man almost contrasts with the intense musical passion inside his head, which almost consumes him when he is at work. He is part of a new breed of artistes who are able to combine songwriting, production, engineering and performing. He is also a part of the generation who can use these skills seamlessly to fuse dancehall, roots reggae, hip hop, and r&b. Demarco's ability to use his talent in these areas makes him in constant demand in one role or another. Demarco has either written, produced, or built tracks for some of the world's most popular figures in music and has artistes and industry players, from across the world, clamouring to work with him.

Together, Demarco and his Star Kutt Music management team have been infecting the world with his youthful brilliance and creative ingenuity, having his fingers on the pulse of almost every genre of world beats.




Born in Portmore, St. Catherine on September 28, 1982, Collin 'Demarco' Edwards is a past student of Ardenne High School, where his passion for music led him and his schoolmates to create their own sound system, Future Disco. The young teen became a staple at almost every community event in Portmore and, by age 15, he would perform at the world-famous Cactus nightclub every chance he got, earning his stripes.

Leaving his colleagues and migrating to New York in 1998 only intensified his desire for music, and his move to Baltimore was a dream come true. There, a close friend coached him in the various elements and intricacies of making music. He learnt how to mix, use the keyboard, sequence rhythms and use drum machines to build rap, r&b, and dancehall rhythms.

Demarco's skills multiplied rapidly as he keenly learned everything being taught. His determination to become one of the world's best producers also fuelled that drive. With a big dream and no financial backing, Demarco worked multiple jobs to enable him to set up his own studio in his basement. Out in the workforce by day and in his studio at nights, Demarco was driven by a powerful, creative force to create the 'wickedest' beats the world had ever heard.

When he was through with each masterpiece, he would sell the rhythms to rap and dancehall artistes and, at other times, he gave them away in a bid to promote his talent.

label's backing

A mutual friend introduced him to Star Kutt Music, who was quite impressed with the talented young man and immediately signed him. Demarco and Star Kutt became synonymous and with the label's backing, the musical whiz kid exploded and was soon creating rhythms and writing lyrics for some of hip hop's and dancehall's leading players.

Top names like singer/rapper Olivia of G-Unit, Free of 106 & Park, rapper Styles P (Tell Them Again) and Sean Paul have experienced his production skills, while Bounty Killer (Warlord Reloaded and Hey Sexy Baby) and others have put vocals to his cutting lyrics. He created two rhythms on Elephant Man's Good 2 Go album and also made numerous beats alongside The Soul Diggaz, who are signed to Missy Elliot and were involved in the production of three of her albums. In between all that, Demarco found time to record combinations with other artistes as well as carry out solo projects, lending his vocals on a combination with Bounty Killer titled Chap, Sizzla with Kings and Queens and Lighters with Jabba of Hot 97. He was featured on Foxy Brown's album, and recorded the singles Hustle and We Miss You with Busta Rhymes, the latter featured on Busta's current album.



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