Greg Nesbeth was born and raised in one of Kingston’s toughest communities called Arnette Gardens, which the late Bob Marley referred to as “Concrete Jungle”. Arnette Gardens is surrounded by the neighboring communities Trench Town, Rema and Tivoli Gardens; all communities of West Kingston.
Economic hardship that plagued these communities made no exception to Greg’s family and enforced a relocation that separated young Greg from his Arnett Gardens home to Waterhouse, then to Maxfield Avenue also in Kingston where he lived with relatives, then later, back to Arnette Gardens again. Each move meant a new school and more hardship. Greg attended the Maxfield Park Primary, Glengoffe Secondary, Kingston Senior Secondary then the Charlie Smith Comprehensive High schools respectively.
The young Greg Nesbeth was always motivated by music and despite the lack of stability in his family life, took an interest in recording; encouraged by friends and family he took the decision to pursue a career in music. Initially in 1992, Greg’s unique surname, Nesbeth became his stage name with a debut performance at a major event held at one of Kingston’s monuments, the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre.
Nesbeth recorded his first single 'Reflection of Love' with singer Camera in 1993.The release of that song herald the arrival of a new talent in Jamaican music. Shortly thereafter, Nesbeth began recording with labels such as Jack Scorpio, King Jammy’s, the Black & White team of Andrew 'Prento' Prendergast and Joseph Bogdanovich of Down Sound Records and Shocking Vibes Production headed by leading Publicist Clyde McKenzie and Politician, Patrick Roberts who both became the genius’s that spurred the International success of Dancehall artiste, Beenie Man. It was with the Shocking Vibes Production that Nesbeth recorded his first popular song ‘So let it be’ on the Golden Bathtub rhythm. It did not reach number one on the charts but, it has remained number one in the people’s hearts.
Nesbeth’s first big break came when a friend introduced him to well known music producer Flava McGregor in February 2007. Flava who has a keen ear for talent, wasted no time in recording singles Boardhouse, Guns Out, Friend Killa, Injustice and Baby Mother. However, it was urban poverty that inspired Nesbeth to write the popular songs 'Board House, Guns Out, Weight of the world, Drive By and A Nuh So Mi Waan Live’. On these tracks, he captured the mindset, lifestyle and culture of a people vulnerable to crime and violence. At present, Nesbeth has released a new single Taking Over, on the Pure Heart rhythm, produced by Aza Yaad Muzic which is getting heavy rotations on the air waves.
Nesbeth has performed on prestigious Jamaican stage shows such as Reggae Sumfest, Bob Marley Birthday Bash, STING, Rebel Salute, Western Consciousness and Teen Splash to name a few. He has also graced the international stages of Irie Jamborie in New York, Calgary festival in Canada, Reggae Summerfest in Washington DC, New Jersey Reggae Fest, as well as other performances in Ottawa Canada, Antigua, St Kitts, Bahamas, Anguilla and Grenada; with his socially conscious music, making many new adherents to his ideals. He has also lent his services to many charitable events such as the Annual Civilian Dinner and Concert held by the Jamaica Defense Force, as well as a concert for the inmates of the Fort Agustus Adult Correctional Centre (female).


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In February 2010, Nesbeth hosted “A Nuh Suh Mi Waan Live” a love and unity concert in his Arnette Gardens hometown community; the title of which was taken from a single he had just released at the time. It was well supported by other popular artistes and musicians and drew thousands of residents from the neighboring communities as well as across the island to its historic launch; the effects of which brought together residents who for years have been marooned in their neighborhoods in fear of violence being brought against them.
Plans for the future involves, releasing a couple albums, touring the world and spearheading The Nesbeth Outreach charity program (an idea he pondered with for years) to the pinnacle of success. The whole idea of launching this program came about after hosting his concert and noting the positive effect it had on residents. The Nesbeth Outreach program is geared towards bringing positive changes in the lives of children and elderly persons who are forced to live under unfortunate circumstances.
To fans and well wishers we encourage you to savor the talent of this very genuine, gifted and soft spoken young man and join him in celebrating the richness of his vision and purposefulness of his mission.
Nesbeth is a trendy charismatic Jamaican Cultural artist that is just about bursting with unlimited energy and with lots of experience, Nesbeth knows how to master a stage and when it comes to stage craftsmanship he is a master swordsman. He knows how to enter a stage, permeate it with his presence and to maneuvers just about every inch of stage space available to him. He commands undivided attention with the first utterance of his unique booming voice, holds the attention, works the stage; all whilst interacting and integrating the crowd in his performance and has so much fun whilst doing it. He enjoys pleasing and performing for his audience.
Nesbeth is a sensational act who to his advantage is extremely emotional. Due to this factor his music is saturated with feelings of just about all existing emotions that can be named. Nesbeth sings and performs for his fans, bringing them to the point of tears, as he puts his heart and soul into his recordings and his performances. It is frankly speaking, an inherent character trait of his that would inevitably surface in and shape his music.
Nesbeth won in the Manchester Awards 2013 and receives special honor at Music Industry Achievers Awards 2013; he set to tour England September 2013 alongside I Octane, Etana and many more.




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