I was born in a place call Linstead. St,Catherine Jamaica grow up in a place call water level then move to Johns Pen. I was born into a musical family. Two of my uncles and some of my cousins was song writer performer also some of my close friends work on sound systems I was always the lover of music. I took the music business serious at the age of 15, I started performing at talent shows and stage shows, Growing up I was inspired by artist such as Mad Cobra, Shabba Ranks, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man and various other artist. In 1996 I went back home for a long while learning more about the business meeting some of the people who inspire me. Performing at Reggae Ram jam, Dint Hill School, Razzmatazz Club, Roof Night Club and many more places. I did a few dubs for sound system. I did songs in Jamaica and England for producers which never got released. Over the years I have been let down by a lot of producers but failure just gives me the drive to continue it make me more determine. So as time goes by I decide to build my own recording studio and start up my own record label which is called Raw Talent Records. Me KillaYouth and D.j Tre, released three songs in 2002 entitle "Who To Blame" "Got Dat" by Killa Youth, and "Friday Night" which featured Little Hero. Also in 2002 I went on the god alone tour around the U.K with Action Fire, little Hero, Jagwa, and Merciless. After that Ive been working with other
producers and artist, Building Tracks, Building the Studio.

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Building the company and doing work for other people. In 2005 me and killa youth released a mix tape call THE GROUND BREAKER. I went to Jamaica in December 05 to get the mix tape out. While I was there I release two other songs call "U KNOW WHERE MI LIVE" and "ROLL WID I". In the future: I see myself working with artist such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Spraga Benz and thats just naming a few. I enjoy listening to music, playing computer games and making rhythm tracks, music is my number one ambition in life but if given the chance Id be interested in the acting side of the business as I was an (A) student in acting at school. When I retire from the top of my profession I see myself living in Jamaica in a nice house to accommodate my family, nice car, and enough money, My dream is what I'm working to achieve and my motto is hard work is the key to success.
My biggest dislike in life are fake friends and back stabbers.
2013 looks bright with the release of singles and a big E.P from Artist Snypah . .



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